mary susan watson campbell

Womxn. Maker. She/her. Gemini sun, Pisces moon.

Born and raised in Southern California. Residing in rainy and remarkable Seattle, Washington.

I am fascinated by our relationship(s) with honesty, intimacy, and in betweens. The images I create dance in the intersection of fine art and photojournalism. My work aims to celebrate the extraordinary within the ordinary, tender moments of awakening. I am learning to lean in, seek justice, pursue humility, and affirm mystery. All the while, I am trying to keep making and chasing the light.



chiaroscuro kyärəˈsk(y)o͝orō/

an effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something.

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“It is such a struggle - has always been - for each of us to settle deep enough into the wait, into the weight till we discover that there’s nowhere to go.” - Mark Nepo

typically, this is the part where i should brag about all the fancy photography and bridal website awards i've won. only, i don't have any, so instead, here's a video i love.