mary susan watson campbell

Maker. She/They. Gemini sun, Pisces moon, Libra rising. Bouncy lil queer.

Residing in the hills and oaks of the Cleveland National Forest, CA (occupied Acjachemen territory)

Tattooing at Earth Altar Studio, Los Angeles, CA (occupied Tongva territory)

Trying to tend some sliver of honesty, intimacy, and in betweens; celebrating the extraordinary within the ordinary, tender moments of awakening. I am learning to lean in, seek justice, pursue humility, and affirm mystery. All the while, I am trying to keep making art and chasing the light.



chiaroscuro kyärəˈsk(y)o͝orō/

an effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something.

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“It is such a struggle - has always been - for each of us to settle deep enough into the wait, into the weight till we discover that there’s nowhere to go.” - Mark Nepo

typically, this is the part where i should brag about all the fancy photography and bridal website awards i've won. only, i don't have any, so instead, here's a video i love.