zoe, & moon signs

I don't remember the first time I met Zoe; actually, now that I think about it, we might have been playing King's Cup at the boys' old house, sipping Rolling Rock on the floor. There was a day in winter of 2015 that fog rolled into Seattle in a way that fog typically doesn't behave in this city. On that day, Zoe, a few friends, and I marveled at the otherworldly nature of the sunset, playing with dogs as light filtered through the misty air. I don't know Zoe very well, but I know that in the last three years of moving in and out of each other's lives, she has remained a beacon, however brief our interactions. I had the joy of photographing Zoe for my series on womxn in their spaces, and during the couple hours we spent together that afternoon, she gave me a glass of wine, taught me about my moon sign, and burned incense. It was all very lovely - it was blooming.