Rachel & JD | Peter Pan Inspired Discovery Park Engagement

These images were taken in April of 2015 - it's about time I blogged them.

Rachel and JD are dear to me. I didn't know them when we met in the Discovery Park south parking lot, but immediately I knew that we would remain connected outside of a photographer-client relationship. I didn't know that a little under year later I would fly to Malibu to photograph their wedding on a cool winter morning. I didn't know that their engagement photos, filled with proof of their deep and whimsical love for one another, would become some of my favorite photos I've ever taken.

I am thankful for Rachel and JD and their vision for these photographs that I had the honor of capturing. Even though they are now two years old, I feel hope looking at these images. They feel like childhood, and the embodiment of love we imagine when we are children. These photos are play and the exhale of awe when you realize, we made it.

There’s a place, a garden for the young
To laugh and dance in safety among
The shimmering light in the garden of peace

Josh Garrels, Morning Light