Kat and Aaron | Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding 7/16/17

I drove up from Portland on the morning of Kat and Aaron’s wedding. The air was crisp and warm and full of mid-July whimsy; as I wound my way through Maple Valley to Lake Wilderness Lodge, my fingers dancing above asphalt with the windows rolled down, I was thankful and settled and glad. It was a sacred day. And when I arrived at the venue, meeting my apprentice Kayley at the front of the lodge, we all immediately jumped into Kat and Aaron’s first look. And the rest of the day was swept away with laughter, deep love, greens and blues of the lake reaching towards the sky, and Mount Rainier emerging from a veil of cloud.

Thank you, dears Kat and Aaron, for trusting me to document your day. You have a love that is everlasting, and it was a joy to craft these images that represent your commitment to one another Cheers!