san juan island; the first warm weekend; kim.

i am a girl who loves my island, and a girl who loves the sea; it calls me...

There were once two young girls who loved the sea very much. They both grew up with sand in their toes and salt on their skin. For many years, neither knew of the other's existence - one of the girls lived next to the warm sea, where currents from Mexico would bring tropical tides to the surf, and the other, next to the northern sea, where orcas guarded the mouth of the Pacific. They knew of the ocean's power to create and destroy, and for both of them, the water was where they were reminded of the Divine. The ocean gave them the strength, grace, and whimsy to grow from girls into women.

A number of years into their womanhoods, the ocean kin met in the northern mainland, away from both of their original seaside homes. They felt each other's spirits and began telling stories and whisking away off on adventures together, to the mountains, and once again, to the ocean. The two of them could sit in silence next to the waves and wander without expectation together. The ocean, their sister and their mother, knew of their souls and their akin spirits, and she blessed their relationship and wonderings.

Both of them storytellers and wanderers, the two women returned to each other even as their own lives grew more and more unknown. Here are some images from the last time they sat by the sea together.