2016 --> 2017 (a big sur new year's celebration)

This last New Year's Eve was spent in the wild waves and ancient hills of Big Sur. It was unexpected, full of perilous and unabashed whimsy. I could write about these days for paragraphs, but I'll let this poem and the photos speak for themselves. Thank you, my dears Austin, Maddie, and Josh. You are family. We rang in this year with rainbows and rushes. These days were sacred and ceremonial, and looking at these images feels like a reminder to sit in the core of my deepest, most alive personhood. What a gift!
We have sat
knees to our chests
wrapped in membranes we created as protection
as eastern winds battered at our last shreds of survival.
will there ever be relief? I wonder
as I stand, spine against bark,
pulling pine branches back,
needles brushing against my cheeks,
I can see strands of light
reflecting off of dew drops from the
recent storm.
Did you know that rainbows are circles?
and it’s only our perspective, our physicality,
that keeps us from seeing the Whole.
spread your wings,
shake off the mist that has collected upon
the down feathers that give you flight.
that weight has no power here, now.
As it turns out,
the darkness we once thought was a cage
is actually
a cocoon!